About The Artist

I am an artist to say the least. I love to dabble in many different mediums. I am a photographer, a graphic designer, a web designer, a collagist,… And a lot more. Mostly I am currently working in the photography medium. I’m experimenting with different aspects of photography right now. Pinhole photography, hand coloring, sepia toning, inferred, texture, marco and there’s a lot more.

I also work as a graphic designer part time for a small company. This job was what caused me to change my major and switch to photography:).

My fine art side comes alive in my photography, and my soul comes to life in the darkroom. The process is soothing to my mind and soul, giving me time to think and see art develop before my eyes.

Check out my portfolio at Flickr…
Please visit my other blog that is directed towards planning a wedding at A Wedding Planners Diary



  1. Your photography is awesome and I’m not just saying that because I am your Aunt. You have grown into this lovely, eloquent, and capable woman. You are as special and unique as all the stars in the heavens. Just thought I’d say some mushy meaningful stuff because I can!

    Hope to see you next week, would really like it!


  2. I’m going to the DTS this September too!

    Love your photography, look forward to meeting you!

  3. Wonderful work! Please, never stop!

  4. Just sign up my blog today, didn’t really get a chance to set it up yet. Found your site from blog tag. Your work is unbelievably stunning!! There’re a few I esp. like. The colors are so beautiful! It’s like being in a dream looking at them. Thanks! Made my afternoon.
    P.S. Definitely will put you on my blog roll.
    – Helen =D

  5. Hello Rebecca,

    Someone came to my blog from your Wedding Diary blog. I clicked it to see where they came from. Just wanted to say thanks for linking us on your blog. Don’t know how you came across us but we appreciate the recognition.

    Your photography is fantastic. :)
    Elizabeth Craig

  6. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. And Thank you so much for the list you made about what to take to Herrnhut Germany. I think I will definately be needing it. ;)

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