Posted by: crispseptember | 10 February, 2009

Update from Africa

I have been in Africa for over almost a month and a half. And yesterday we passed the half way mark of outreach.

The time here as been really amazing. I have been able to see God move in incredible ways through multiple different ministries.

Right now, between 27 people, we are involved with the beginning stages of an orphanage and a cafe, these are both in Jinka. In Addis Ababa we are involved with three different locations of ministry. One is a landfill where people live and we are in the process of planting a church there, praise God.

Also here in Addis, we have made contact with the Mother Theresa House and there are a few people going there regularly. One girl in-particular has a huge heart for what is being done there.

And I have been working closely with an organization called Hope Enterprise. My introduction to the ministry going on there was while volunteering at their soup kitchen. This places has truly impacted me. But one day when I was volunteering I was counting the people, bringing a number to the women and children that passed through. There are about 1000 people that pass through Hopes doors daily to receive a meal for that day.

Anyways, while I was counting them, I was also seeing them. There were men who had flip-flops on their hands because they can’t walk. There are blind people leading other blind people, kinda funny, but so sad.

What I saw that day has effected me since that moment. I don’t think I can go back, I don’t think I’ll ever forget what I saw that day. It stirred something in me, a passion for these people. Since that moment I have been working on making connections with the people in charge at Hope. As of this week we have successfully made a connection with the people in charge and will begin to work on the book there.

I also hope to network with other organizations in Addis, and Lord willing with them and Hope we can make a real difference in Addis.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers.



  1. oh, becca! my heart is so full of joy for your heart; the way you’re being pulled and moved and grown. i love and miss you so much, and you are constantly in my prayers.

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