Posted by: crispseptember | 7 November, 2008

Going to Africa Guys!!!

Over the last week I have been waiting and anticipating seeing God reveal his glory in my life and those around me. When I first decided to do a DTS I didn’t have a country/nation/continent on my heart. But when I applied to come to the Herrnhut DTS I knew that the outreach options were going to either in Asia or Africa… I didn’t really care where I ended up.

Then two weeks ago I was looking at a piece of paper with multiple decisions before… I only had one question on my mind – God where do you want me to go? What I knew for sure was that in September God had told me straight up that I was going to go with Pick a Pocket (unfortunately at this time I don’t have a link to them) on my outreach, which at the time was set aside for the photo DTS (which ended up changing). With that in mind I ended up with two decision facing me, I wasn’t sure for most of the week which one to choose. While I was talking to my one-on-one it hit me like a rocket ……. (sorry guys, but it’s somewhere in Africa, I can’t give an exact location over my blog).

– If you would like to know the exact country that I’m going to, please email me –

The most exciting part is that I have been learning and discovering pieces of God’s perfect plan for my life. The story of me getting to this point begins back during the spring and started becoming clear to me throughout the time I’ve been here…

While I was waiting to come here and learn how to use photography and missions together, I spent time envisioning what that might look like – I had no idea really, and I’m glad I didn’t (surprises are so much better). I also spent time envisioning what I might end up doing after, the main thing I saw myself doing (hopefully full time for the rest of my life) was using my photography to give a voice to people who are unable to speak for themselves. This idea popped into my head around June. And to add sometime back in May I envisioned being apart of a book that would house photography, graphics, drawings and interviews; and this would all begin to help people around the world, it would be available world wide, so on and so forth.

Now here’s the “punch line,” after I got here and had started in on the photo DTS of things, we were then told about Pick a Pocket… Oh, how funny,… The goal/point of Pick a Pocket is to end extreme poverty through the arts (including photography)… And to add to all of this while we are apart of Pick a Pocket we are going to be creating a book through all of this to bring awareness to extreme poverty. Yeah, ah ha, I did just say that…

There is so much more to continue…



  1. becca!! africa!! i am SO excited for you. i am praying for you and i MISS you so much my heart hurts. please enjoy a chocolate banana (from your most recent post) for me :D <3

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