Posted by: crispseptember | 6 November, 2008

Over Two Months { Long Over Due }

Photos from my DTS so far, I know, I know,… Very long over due, but well worth the wait…

The Start of Photo DTS
{ This is how we all got to know each other, students & staff }
– This was a game we played to get to know each other a little better in the beginning days, Perch on Birdie, Day 1 –

Exploration Foundation
{ Spending time with the roomies }
– With a couple of my roommates we went into Herrnhut to see just where we live –

This is one of the many trees that must be walked past every time I desire to go into Herrnhut…

SLOW DEATH…. We fondly call this hill that we must walk up everyday to get into town “Slow Death”… It makes life a little more healthy.

This is the main street that passes through Herrnhut connecting Löbau and Zittau.

That would the beginning of a wonderful story, hopefully one day I will catch up with myself… Lord willing anyways.


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