Posted by: crispseptember | 30 October, 2008

Reaching Out {Upcoming events}

Earlier this week we were given our outreach options. We were given a little of information about what would be happening with each team, then given time to pray and hear from God where he is leading each of us individually. We will be turning in papers tomorrow with our top three choices and why.

A little bit of information about what each team will be doing,… really I’m just going to talk about the two I’ve been considering going on… There are the two countries I am most interested in (unfortunately I can’t mention the names of the countries, if you would like to know message me and I will send you an email with more information). They are going to be teaming up with Pick a Pocket. These teams were set up intentionally for the photo DTS to be a part of and have now been opened up to the regular DTS as well.

Pick a Pocket is a ministry that began out of the last fall DTS from this same base. Their goal is to end extreme poverty through using the arts; music, photography, the fine arts, graphics… and more.

“As a group of friends gathered in Scotland and started dreaming together, birth was given to a vision. This vision identifies with our brothers and sisters in the most impoverished nations, and uses art as its tool to amplify their voices, as well as create products which directly benefit them. Through these products, not only do we raise awareness and cause others to rise up in this movement, but we cause the chain reaction to eradicate extreme poverty in these nations and reverse its effects. We are a group of young artists, photographers, and musicians, with different backgrounds and cultures who have been pieced together into a movement which furthers God’s kingdom here on earth: Their Voices Resonate.

“We are a group of young artists who also relay on others to support us in what we are doing and can identify with occasionally not knowing where our next meal will come from. Everything we make off of our photos, art or music goes right back into this project because we believe in it and we want to see extreme poverty come to an end.”

And now I am going to get to be a part of this. And the funny part is, is that God told me some of this in bits and pieces before I came here.

When God moves you have to listen and then tell others as he gives you guidance to inform others. Now it’s time to share. In August before I left God revealed to me that I wasn’t going to be going home after DTS, at least not to stay. And before that (around late June/early July) God gave me a vision that I was going to come here and learn how to effectively use photography to help people, to give a voice to the unheard. I came here knowing these things, but unsure how it would all tie together… And recently we were given insight into how our photography being joined up with Pick a Pocket is going to help those in extreme poverty; we are going to have the opportunity to be published in a book about these people we are going to meet and develop relationships with, the money will then (hopefully) go back to those people. At least this is the dream that Pick a Pocket has and a very similar dream that God gave me back in May. Mind you I had no idea how photography and missions was going to look together, and I was just waiting to see how it would end up playing out… I had no idea that this is what God had in mind for me when I left. These are a couple of the pieces of the puzzle that has helped me in hearing where God is going to send me for my outreach. There is one more piece, but I have to wait to share that more openly; I will know by next week where I am going for sure and will begin the process of preparing to seek God for more inspirations to see his glory greater and greater.

Please continue to pray for me. Lots of love!


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