Posted by: crispseptember | 21 October, 2008

My Head Is Spinning

My head is spinning seems to be a common state of mind for me during this phase in my life. I don’t know if I understand everything that has been talked about, but it does seem as though I’m catching some of it. Whenever we are talking about what has been taught on during the lectures, I seem to have been thinking in that manner, if that makes sense.

Right now we don’t have an official speaker, but we have a couple of the base staff people offering up their thoughts and advice. But it’s been fun.

Also along with the lectures we have photography stuff coming out our ears. I have an assignment due this thursday and I don’t have a single print popped out. So tomorrow I live in the darkroom yet again. I ended up living in the darkroom on Sunday and developing a total of six rolls of film… DRIVE me CRAZY!!! It’s okay now, I have pictures that should be working, though they maybe thick, their going to have to work.

Soon up and coming photographs of my life here…

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