Posted by: crispseptember | 10 October, 2008

Revelation {God works in mysterious ways}

I’ve been learning and discovering just how wonderful God is. We’ve been going through different teachings and learning interesting things right now, but we are just in the beginning stages of our DTS. I would say it’s been more “heart and spiritual” than “head and knowledge,” which has stirred up some questions within myself and others. Let’s just say at this point it’s been interesting, and it would be nice to begin to receive some “head knowledge” to go along with some of these “new” spiritual “experiences.”

Aside from that life has just been busy. I don’t feel like I have time to get online, but maybe once a week, and I’m trying to make time for writing here. And now things are just going to get busier, I’m going to be doing regular and photography DTS at the same time, AKA I’m going to lose my mind.


In the photography end of everything the chaos is about to mount again. In our first assignment here we had to shoot one roll of portraits and print three photos on fiber paper in just a couple of days. The darkroom was pure chaos! Too many people in it, the chemicals got contaminated, it just wasn’t good. Now we have a new assignment. Two prints, one is going to be a portrait of an elderly person and the other creatively with an apple. The good news is that we have two weeks in which to accomplish this assignment and some people will be switching over the digital (maybe me, but I really don’t want to, we’ll just have to see).


Please keep me in your prayers. I will be trying to stay more on top of keeping people updated on this thing. Pictures will be coming soon.


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