Posted by: crispseptember | 19 August, 2008

Step of Faith { Looking Behind }

Now I’m starting to get the butterflies like I always do when something big is about to happen in my life. It used to just happen the night before leaving for a retreat or going on vacation with a bunch of friends. Now I’m leaving everything I know, everything that is familiar.

As I’m saying some actual goodbyes to friends, it’s hitting me, I’m really going to leave, with all that I know and am familiar behind. I’m going to travel across an ocean to a different continent and culture, really I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m going to be gone for such a long time, how much are things going to change while I’m gone, how much am I going to change while I’m gone… Questions swirl in my head and excitement bubbles up in my stomach as I think about everything.

I’m not really worried about anything, I know that I’ll be taken care of, that I’ll be with people that I will grow to love and who will do the same in return. But I just don’t know what to expect! And I’m getting nervous about that. It’s just that the time is getting so near and I feel so unprepared! Am I? Am I really ready for this? Of course I am, for goodness sake, I’m 24, I’m ready to step out of my Howard County shell and do something incredible with my life.

Yeah, I maybe leaving everything I know here, but God is going with me; and honestly he is the only thing I should rely on. In a sense, it’s just taking a step of faith into God’s open arm and I know he’s waiting.

In just two weeks I’m going to step onto a plane and into God’s arms, ready and waiting for what he is going to do in my life.

Stepping Into The Unknown

I have looked back long enough
Now is the time to go forward
Your standing there, waiting with open arms
Your ready to take me by the hand
Leading me with one breath

Stepping forward into the unknown
Knowing that You’ll be there
I’ll step out in faith,
There You’ll catch me

Now is the time
I’ve looked back long enough
No need to worry, You remind me
Your standing there, waiting with open arms
Your ready to take me by the hand

So here I go, I’m ready
The time is now!
It’s time to take Your hand and let you lead me
The time is now!
So here I go



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