Posted by: crispseptember | 28 June, 2008

Remembering the Beach

The other day I was just walking through my house when I noticed a bag of sea shells. I was my reminder of the beach, and the beautiful week I had just spent there was dwelling in my soul. I knew I just had to grab that bag and shoot a few photos of them, if only to just give myself a reminder of how beautiful God’s creation is all over the globe.

So often I have tunnel vision, even when I’m out photographing nature. I get caught up in the moment, with whatever God is allowing my to witness at the very moment, that I forget about the big picture. That everything under heaven and earth is under His control and power. The bag of shells just reminds me of so many different wonderful things that dwell on this earth.

I will be continually reminded, when I look at those shells, of the ocean and the power that it holds. The sand and how wonderful, yet annoying it is. The smell of the salty sea air, and my mind can’t even grasp the wonders of the creatures that dwell in deepest depths. It’s the idea of a different world dwelling beneath the glassy top of the ocean.

Another wonder is that I live about 150 miles from the nearest ocean, but the other night when I was driving home I caught a whiff, even if only for a moment, of the salt water air from the ocean. It was so refreshing, reminding just how much I love it. I love the sand the digs between my toes. I love the refreshing dip in the ocean after laying in the sun for an hour or two. Or just listening to the waves crash onto the shore. It’s all just so beautiful and full of God’s handy work.



  1. beautiful captures!

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