Posted by: crispseptember | 25 June, 2008

Beauty in My Backyard ♥

This is my fave from that day

Once a camera is placed in my hands I tend to find it hard to stop click the shutter. More than on one occasion, all I’ve done is step outside my backdoor into the yard, and well… I usually come back a couple hours later with several hundreds of pictures (most of which I end up tossing). After I got back from being at the beach for a week, my soul was in some need of stretching. I grabbed my camera, my new 55mm macro lens, my new lens reverser ring, and my macro lens filters; then headed off into my yard snapping here and there, looking for the right composition.

During my times outside I like to think about what has been happening in my life, and what is going to happen. Now the fact that I am going away in just 2.25 :P months is just staring my in the face. I’m excited, nervous, excited, a little unsure of myself, excited and trusting God through everything. I know in my heart of hearts, there is nothing to worry about, tomorrow will take care of itself. All I can do is prepare, savor every moment I’m spending with the people whom I am invested in, and let God handle the rest.

One of the greatest things in my life right now are my friends, they are like a garden that just brights and soothes my soul. The sweet aroma that fills the room when I see them is just indescribable, they are all blessings straight from heaven and I am filled with joy just to be with them. I absolutely love spending time with all of them so much. I guess you could say, it is something I live for, to be able to invest in their lives just as much as they invest in mine.

I think that stepping away from my friends and traveling to the other side of the globe is one of those worries that has been creeping into my mind. Yet it is also a reason I want to go, I want to meet and make new friends; I really do want to step out and let God take me wherever. Currently my friends are my life, they are why I desire to live Jesus to everyone I can, because of the joy that my friends bring into my life. And I know that I’m not going to be deserted. That God is going to place new people in my life for seven wonderful months, and I am looking forward to meeting and investing myself in them. I trust God with all my heart and I know that He will never fail me.



  1. Not too shabby girl! I’m a pretty good gardener! :D
    Great post as I can see into your heart. Stop making me cry!
    MOM :)

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