Posted by: crispseptember | 16 June, 2008

Shark at Senior Week

I stepped away from my computer for a little RNR last week, at the beach down in good ol’ OBX. No I didn’t just graduate high school and go on senior week, but I did go and chaperone one. I spent most of my time on the beach chillin’ and catching some vitamin D (yummy). In reality I mostly lived on the beach, I would go in for meals (some times), and I always made it to my bed for sleeping, but other than that I was a beach bum for the week.

In reality there was a reason I was on the beach as much as I was, shark fishing. It all begins with this great kid I got to know, Ben. He’s a fisherman, for real. And he came down with an intension to catch a shark. Being the shark lover that I am, I desired so much to see a shark. I spent all my time down on the beach waiting a shark to take the bait. It wasn’t till be last night of our trip that it actually happened.

(Photo taken by Brittany Flather)
Sand Tiger Shark, almost 8 feet long

(Photos by Brittany Flather)

That poor shark was not happy that we had caught it, but we were thrilled. The waiting was over. Excitement was in the air.

We had all been waiting throughout the week for a shark to take the bait, most would get bored and go up to the houses, forgetting, and doing something else, when finally someone shouted… “BEN’S GOT A SHARK!” Everyone shot from their seats and ran to the beach. By the time they had arrived, one kid who had been helping Ben had been bit… He’s okay though, only 15 stitches and a good story, fortunately no permeant damage.

(Photo by Christopher Root)

With one of our brave chaperones straddling the stark, Ben made a brave move to get the hook out, something that he didn’t think he was going to do. With success he got the hook out, but that shark was not willing to give up a tooth, we only got chips of them.

Really there were a lot of fun things that happened on that trip, though that is my highlight of the week. I’ll be posting some more photos later from earlier in the week.


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