Posted by: crispseptember | 5 June, 2008

Calm in the Storm

Yesterday a storm passed through our home. It even brought with it the threat of a tornado, thus my mother and crammed ourselves under the basement stairs with two dog, oh yeah, there was also a tun of junk under there too. During the time that we were huddled under the stairs, I was more concerned about the possibility that my dog was about to fall off my lap, than that there might be a tornado.

After the rain had passed, along with this storm, the sun came out and the UPS guy drove up. Well my friends a couple of days ago I bought a 55mm macro lens on eBay, and now it was here.

I ended up spending time outside taking tones of photos. I took well over 400, but ended up with about 60 in the end. Oh editing… Camera Raw is one of my fave sources that I use to edit my photos. I can take care of most of everything there (except sharpening).

The pines looked like it was freezing outside and they had been the only ones to capture the moment, little liars. The droplets decorate the seine, adding the highlights and sparkle to the evening.

I love being able to capture the magic in each raindrop. They can look like glass beads, as if they are about to fall, or as if they are settling in for the rest of their lives.

Please enjoy the magic.


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