Posted by: crispseptember | 3 June, 2008

It’s An Idea – Create A Tote Camera Bag

I have an idea, it sort of just came to me and I think I can make it work. I want to make a reasonably sized camera bag. About a month ago I got a backpack camera bag, that has a nice slot for my laptop. Here’s the deal, it’s great for biking and taking pictures, or traveling and taking pictures. But it tends to be bulky and cumbersome to just take for a day trip to a museum or some place like that.

(I found all these images of these bags on They are all for sale there.)

Here’s my idea, and how it evolved. I was looking for a smaller camera bag online, but they just all looked too bulky and annoying. Then the thought occurred to that I could take a medium sized tote bag add the padding in myself and walla a camera bag could exist. So I began my hunt for a cute tote bag that I could turn into a camera bag, but let me tell you, all the cute tote bags out there cost as much as a bulky, but practical camera bag (one that’s already made). After that the idea occurred to me that I could just use an old tote bag that I have, but I would have to forgo the “cute” factor.

At this point I have decided to use the tote I already have as a pattern for creating a cute tote, then I will be able to easily add the padded lining and padded divider. Lord willing this will work.



  1. have you seen shoot sacs? costly, but ADORABLE!

  2. shoot sacs? no, I’ll have to look at them, maybe get an idea or two. Thanks

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