Posted by: crispseptember | 1 June, 2008

Snap Shots

I don’t know if these can really be categorized as snap shots. So often before I click the shutter I’ve envisioned what the photo should look like, I see something that I want to make happen. I was eating frozen blue berries to quench my sweet tooth and desire to munch on something, when I saw a picture in my mind. The blue berries were in a clear glass bowl and it was starting to frost over from the frozen berries, I took it outside with my point-and-shoot, sat it on a colorful table top and snapped a couple different angles. This was the one I liked.

I’m Blue For You by Becca Coe

So often this is what I do. I look around for something that would look good in a photo and make it work. It’s pretty easy, or more likely it’s natural. It’s something I enjoy and love to see come to life.

I have found a lot of inspiration, not just around DeviantART, but other blogs around the web. Here are some that I’ve found some inspiration from.

| bella dia | disdressed | portabellopixie | posie gets cozy | print & pattern |
| the purl bee | sew, mama, sew | sis boom day dreams | tales from pixie wood |
| that funky boutique | tree fall | amy butler |


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