Posted by: crispseptember | 26 May, 2008

Biking Equals No Gas

I’ve begun to bike as many places as possible in my attempts to use as little gas as possible. It’s not that I’m going green or care that much about the environment. It’s that I hate the dictation behind the prices soaring and the politics behind it. I’m also for saving oil for whatever reason you deem as the reason. I’m against drive over 55-mph and am for highways. I’m against large vehicles, such as SUV’s that guzzle gas like it’s a job. I get annoyed when one person in a large vehicles passes be going 70-mph, while I’m taking my time at 55-mph in my little Saturn. (Sorry, soap box moment)

But I’m beginning to abandon my car whenever possible and hope on my bike. One it’s great exercise and great for the lungs. My endurance is building and I’m able to travel longer distances at better speeds. Each time I get on my bike it’s an easier journey. I’m not training for anything, I’m just trying to save myself some money. The great part is, it’s working. I’ve been able to force my tank to last me a week and a half so far, that’s both driving 55-mph (everywhere) and not driving at all, instead biking.

I bet at this point you’re thinking that I live close to everything in order to bike anywhere, well there you would be wrong. I live pretty much 20-30 minutes anyway from everything by car. Thus biking doubles my travel time. Now here’s the hard hitting question, is it worth it? I think so, what’s an extra 30 minutes planned into my travel time (not much) when it saves me about a gallon of gas every time.

So yesterday I biked to church and back, now I live about a 20 minute car ride away from church, so I had already figured that it would be an hour bike ride. So giving myself enough time I jumped on my bike and headed off to church. It was really quite a beautiful, peaceful ride. I wasn’t too winded when I arrived at church and was able to go change in the bathroom. I did end up making an opps in some planning (or not planning), I went to the evening service too (by just staying in the area), and ended up getting into a conversation after. Well, on my way home the light was quickly fading and didn’t feel comfortable attempting to bike in the dusk with no head light, so I had to call my parents to come get me (I was only 5-10 minutes away when we met up). It was my first attempt and I learned that I needed to get back on my bike and start home earlier, and evening though I had to call for help, there was still gas saved.


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