Posted by: crispseptember | 20 May, 2008

D-Team and My Life

It seems so often we are facing new chapters in our lives, all of which have different titles. My life chapters have included; Chaplegate: My First Church. Then there was, Now I’m Homeschooled, followed by A Small Girl At Forcey. Which was through and on to High School: A Trial of Years, next, College: I’m an Adult (or so I thought at the time).

Then a couple months into my college chapter a new one sprung into life entitled, The Youth Leader Years. This one has lasted for the last six years with the same group of kids. Now this chapter has drawn to a close, well more or less, and a new chapter is about to begin in both my life and theirs.

My girls, oh how they have tried my patience at times, but in reality they have been a strong force in how and why I live a life that I do now. They are my faves and everyone can see that. They have grown into beautiful young women that will take on the world. They have learned how to fight for what is right. They are reflections of their King and maker. They touch my heart in ways that no one else can or does. The love that has grown in my heart for them is strong.

I have watched them go from middle school, to high school, and now they are about to head off for college. Some are going away to college, some are staying around, but in any case they are all starting new chapters in their lives. Some will be staying close to what is familiar, while others will be stepping out of their comfort zone and striving for where God is going to take them. And while they do that I’m going to be heading almost half way around the world to serve God.

Life chapters open and close, like they do in every book. Each one leading into the other, with the next page bringing more and more to life. This chapter is both painful and exciting to close; painful because I must leave them behind for a little while to follow where God is calling, but exciting because I know that there is going to be new things and people that are going to enter into my life.


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