Posted by: crispseptember | 28 April, 2008

Photographer Report

It’s funny how when you have an assignment due at the end of the semester, you can either do the research early or save it for later. I kinda did both with a report I had to give in my photography class. I was supposed to find a photographer online and present them to my class through their web page/wherever I found them. Despite all odds I began doing my research early, I would find a photographers site and if I found it intriguing I would bookmark it for consideration later. I ended up getting myself in a pickle, cause I didn’t know which one to pick.

I know this is a bit of a tale, but hang in there cause the end is good.

Well, the day the report was due I was pittling around online attempting to make some kind of a decision as to whom I would use for my report. I finally decided I would go with one of the many people I “watch” on deviantART. I was in the middle of deciding between two korny-pnk or Mell0nC0llie, when I was browsing through korny-pnk’s journal entries. At the bottom she highlighted a very young photographer Chrissie White.

Chrissie ended up being the photographer I chose to give my report on. Like I said she is very young, fourteen, but has a wonderful view and eye on life. On her profile on Flickr she says this…

“I believe that,
to be a good musician you must listen, to be a good dancer you must feel, to be a good actor you must live, to be a good writer you must dream, and to be a good photographer you must observe.
Open your eyes and it will fall naturally.”

She photographs in an original way. Using what she has at hand and observing through her view finder. I love her subject matter and what she chooses to use in her photographs. She is an artist in an unlikely way. Check out her work she really has a GREAT eye.



  1. She has great photos. I love her work. Basically, I’m envious. xD! Her editing is amazing. I like her vintage style she adds to a lot of her photos.

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