Posted by: crispseptember | 18 April, 2008

Findings on Flickr…

When it comes to figuring out particulars about photography, such as which F/stop to use when I want something to look a certain way I always look it up on Flickr first. There is a spot if you scroll down the page that lists the camera used and offers a link for “More properties.” I’ve used this a lot when I want to figure out, okay if want something to look a certain way I need to use this. Such as lights at a carnival, if I want them blurred together I would use possibly use F/22 with a 20 second shutter. Then it would look something like this…

Or when I wanted to photograph for my Merge to HDR assignment, I wasn’t sure about what lighting to use, so I looked it up on Flickr. I found one that was done in a studio with back lighting and others were outside, not on a bright sunny day, but a little over cast. I tried shooting in those conditions and it worked.

I thought this might help photographers out there, I’ve noticed several people come from search engines looking for something and I wanted to help give an answer.


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