Posted by: crispseptember | 17 April, 2008

Laughing and Tears

I’m full of giggles and happiness right now. Chelsea, who is going on the DTS to Herrnhut too, found me here and made a comment letting me know that. It’s truly wonderful to touch base with someone else who is going, more than anything it makes all of this feel more real than surreal.

As I’ve been attempting to get everything together/in order, even through the stumbling blocks that are falling in my path, it has all felt surreal that I’m going to be going on the DTS in September. But in reality it is all starting to feel real. I’ve sold four print that are contributing towards my raising support (if you are interested in purchasing a print/prints please visit the “Photographic Prints For Sale” tab at the top).

The difficult part is that I haven’t been able to send my letters out yet, due to financial details. I’ve been having some difficulty finding a third party to have checks go through. In order for the checks (of large sums mainly) to be tax deductible donations they have to have a special account. Well, I personally don’t have one (and can’t set one up) and my church doesn’t normally do this. Over the last week I’ve been going from person to person trying to have this work with the church, and feeling overly stressed about it. Please pray that my church will accept this and help me out.

Other than that things seem to be falling into place, though that is a huge part of my trip and being able to go. And in reality I know that God wants me there, so there is no reason for me to really worry, it’s going to work out and I don’t need to stress about. I feel like my greatest asset is the people I know, and that I can just send them a email or whatever asking them to pray and I know they are. I feel so grateful and covered by the love of friends and God. He’s going to work everything out.



  1. Hey. Came across your blog here searching for stuff on the Herrnhut base, I’m going in September too!!!!!

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