Posted by: crispseptember | 11 April, 2008

Projects Out My Ears

I have a few projects on my plate right now, all having to do with photography and taking pictures and finding the right weather (which is not easy in April).

So far I’ve shot two rolls for infrared, I wasn’t at all happy with the first so I re-shot; the second was better, but I’m still not sure.

I haven’t shot a single roll for my final project and need to really get cracking on that, it’s been quite difficult getting together with my model, hopefully everything will work out for Sunday.

Also I have to shoot for my digital photography class, which isn’t that difficult, I just have to do it. The next assignment that is due is merge to HDR which I need to shoot; it’s supposed be shot on a sunny, bright lit day, but it’s April and as they say “April showers bring May flowers” this month has lived up to that expression perfectly. And on top of that assignment I have to shoot a photo everyday, which I don’t always remember to do. And I also want to shoot photos for the creative final, which I don’t know what I want to do for that at all.

Let’s see that totals to printing one assignment, and shooting for three assignments; then printing or editing the correct quantity the assignment requires. Let’s just hope I don’t loose what’s left of my sanity in the process.


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