Posted by: crispseptember | 4 April, 2008

Sunrise on the Tidal Basin

This starts with a sad story, but a happy ending. I first went to take pictures of the sunrise in D.C. at the Tidal Basin on Wednesday, but once I had biked to the Tidal Basin and set up my tripod and camera I quickly realized that I didn’t have my SD card in my camera. Basically I was screwed. The sun was coming up, I didn’t have a camera with memory to take a single picture, and my card was back in my car at the metro station. I could have gone to Ritz and bought a card, but it wasn’t open and by the time I would have gotten one the sun would have been up. So I got back on my bike and went home.

But I was determined to get my sunrise photos, so I went again for the sunrise. I got up at 4am two days in a row and traveled to D.C. But I got some great photos of the sunrise, the Jefferson Memorial, the Tidal Basin, the cherry blossoms, and the Washington Monument.

If you are interested in purchasing a print/prints please visit the “Photographic Prints For Sale” tab at the top. I’m selling them to help raise some of my support for a missions trip I’m going on in September.



  1. FULL OF BEAUTY!! I congratulate you for the magic, these photos have life!
    I tell you something that may surprise you: I´m from Argentina! “Wherés that?” you may ask… it´s in SouthAmerica, yes, down down down there. It´s a beautifull country (it has all the climates and mountains, waterfalls, desert, glaciars and green fields). An artist like you should photograph it sometime! Best regards!

  2. These are magnificent! Wow, you never cease to amaze me, my brave talented daughter! :)

  3. these are truly incredible.

    i was in D.C. today and yesterday.

    These photos capture the feelings exactly.

    Wonderful work.

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