Posted by: crispseptember | 19 March, 2008

Point & Shoot?

So I’ve been thinking about getting a little point and shoot to be able to carry around a little easier than my DSLR. I’ve been looking between Nikon and Canon, both great brands, so that leaves me attempting to figure out which to go with.

In the area of DSLRs and film cameras I’m a Nikon girl, that way my lens can be used interchangeably. But as far as a point and shoot goes it doesn’t have to match brands with everything else. So here are the cameras I am trying to decide between.

Canon PowerShot A570IS
Nikon Coolpix L15 or Nikon Coolpix L14 or Nikon Coolpix L11

Part of me is thinking newer would be better between the Nikons, the L15 vs. L11, but the L15 is still so new and doesn’t have the greatest review compared to the L11. Also I was looking on Flickr to see what the pictures would look like off all the above cameras and the L11 was more attractive to me.

If you have any feedback I would enjoy hearing it.


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