Posted by: crispseptember | 13 March, 2008

Sepia Toning

So last night in class we did sepia toning on our black and white prints. Some did warm tone paper, while most of the class toned cool tone paper. The warm tones, depending how long they left them in the bleach and toner, resulted for the most part with a more yellow tone; while the cool tones resulted with a less yellow tone to them.

When a person takes a sepia toned photo in a digital camera they have little to no control over how yellow or light or dark they become. For the most part the cameras give you a rather yellow tone with a good dark blacks.

When you take the technique to the darkroom, it’s different. You don’t know for sure what you are going to get. I worked with cool tone paper, and got different results depending how long they were left in the bleach combined with how long they were left in the toner. For the most part I didn’t keep track of how long they were in, I just watched them. I watched the tones as they would appear on the print, then when I saw what I wanted I would remove and continue to the next step.

I’ll be posting my five sepia toned prints later today.


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