Posted by: crispseptember | 11 March, 2008

Point of View

When I look at a photograph I think about the art that is behind it. That the soul of the photographer that is looking out at me through the subject that has been chosen.

Now I’ve been thinking about the idea of speaking through a photograph or using a photograph to speak for someone else. The idea that “a picture speaks a thousand words,” well, what if I were to use that, to give another person a voice of their own. I’m sure that this isn’t a new idea or anything like that, but what if I used photography not to speak for me, but for someone else. Could it make a difference in the world? Could I help change things? Maybe open peoples eyes to a world outside their own? Can you image driving down the road and seeing a billboard (not with a ad for a restaurant that you’ll be able to find in 3 miles) with a picture of the genocide in Darfur? Would it cause you to think? Or how about the metro/subway, if you were to be sitting next to a picture of a Middle Eastern woman who was burned from head to foot because she resisted when someone was raping her?

Give someone a voice, let them be the ones to speak! Starvation is a plague that effects too many, AIDS is an epidemic that sweeps through destroying all in it’s path, genocide that over takes a nation is given a blind eye by many, while women and children are sold as sex slaves all over the world. These are real things that happen to people that has nothing to do with me or you, but does it have to fall on deaf ears?

I know that people take photos of these events, that I am offering nothing special, but what if we changed the tone of voice that speaks through the picture? Placing them in everyday places, where people cannot escape. Instead of seeing the latest chick-flick poster staring us in the face, something new, something raw, something “uncensored.”

*The photo above was not taken by me, please click on image to see more by that photographer.


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