Posted by: crispseptember | 3 March, 2008

Nikon FE & Assignments

So I purchased the Nikon FE about two weeks ago and have been greatly pleased with this purchase.  I am usually very wary to purchase anything on ebay, but after careful research and gathering of information on both the camera and the seller, I felt confident in my decision to purchase the above camera.  And I am pleased to tell you that it all worked out.  I now have one of the best cameras I’ve ever owned.

In the event that you are unaware the Nikon FE is a film camera that was produced my Nikon in 1978, it is an advanced semi-professional camera that Nikon produced during that time. It has a depth of field preview button, a double exposure lever, inter-changeable lenses, with many other features. Not to mention some of the best photos I’ve ever taken came from that camera (beautiful contrast).


I’ve been working more multiple assignments, attempting to stay ahead of my work. So far I’ve been successful at staying ahead with my darkroom assignments, but my digitals are suffering just a little. I need to re-shoot some for an assignment that is due on Thursday. I’ll be posting some of my work soon enough.


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