Posted by: crispseptember | 19 February, 2008


So this year I made the third most expensive purchase of my life (besides school and cars), and it was my Nikon D40 DSLR.  It’s a beautiful and wonderful camera, but it my hasty purchasing of this product I forgot to consider the brands of cameras I was already carrying.

Up till this summer I already owned two different camera brands, one a old manual Rocoh and the other my Canon Rebel GII (my first most expensive purchase.)

Well lease to say I have been finding myself in a pickle between the Canon and Nikon (the fact that they don’t share lenses is the big one.) So I have decided to give my heart and soul (or maybe just my $$) to Nikon (mostly because a Nikon film would cost less than a Canon DSLR.)

Now I find myself in a dilemma, trying to find the right camera. I’ve been searching eBay today and have come across a couple of camera bodies that aren’t too expensive and appear to be in good condition. One is a Nikkormat EL and the other a Nikon FE. Both look like good cameras (I really do like the old ones), with FE “the replacement for Nikon EL2 of 1977…” which followed the EL.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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