Posted by: crispseptember | 12 February, 2008

A Photo A Day

My final for my digital photography class I’m taking this semester is to photograph one frame everyday, to document my life this semester.  So far I have found it challenging and difficult.

I love to photography, I love taking many photos, one right after the other.  I’m now having to pause, to think, to consider if this is the shot I want to represent me today.  I take photo after photo normally, searching for one that works.  To take a photo with that purpose, makes it harder to find it.  I feel lost in searching for it, as though I can’t find it.

I photograph a lot, taking multiple frames together.  Snap, snap, snap,…  my shutter speed is used to just flowing and going.

These are the ones I’ve taken so far.


  1. you definitely accomplished your goal! you turned some normally boring subjects into ones full of interest! i really like the one of the blinds… the little circles and reflections of light are really a nice touch

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